Fresh From the Field

I had just touched down on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula  from Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.   For nearly 2-weeks I worked in intense SE Asian monsoons and 100% humidity only to be met with more soggy conditions in the PNW. 

But to be perfectly honest, I love shooting in the rain.  I’ll take soft, moody lighting over glaring sunshine any day.  Unfortunately, my equipment does not always feel the same way.  After nearly a month of shooting in the rain, my beloved 1dx Mk II decided to call it quits.  There is only so much weather-proofing one can build into a camera.  But before the camera died, I was able to capture a few pretty cool stories.

Below is a series from our single sunny day on the Peninsula.  I was shooting the new Osprey Transporter and was looking for some unique ways to show off the weather resistance and durability of the duffel.   A passing weather system opened opened the gates for some very dramatic light.  So we grabbed our boards and wet suits then high-tailed it to the beach. 

Wild Owyhee Series - Episode 1 | Climbing

This is  the first of a 6-part series of short videos that Evan Kay James Q Martin and I shot on behalf of #OspreyPacks, #IbexClothing and #KeenFootwear this past September to raise awareness of one of the wildest/remote regions in the US: The Owyhee Canyonlands.

Tucked away in southeastern Oregon is a gem of a wilderness. Join climber @grahamzimmerman as he returns to the Owyhee
to explore vast landscapes, dubious rock quality, and the need to
permanently protect and preserve this fragile environment for
generations to come.

Special thanks to @ibexwool and @keen for this collaborative project! | #ospreypacks #wildowyhee #ONDA

Rock and Ice Feature on Escalante Canyon, CO

Ben Rueck, Mayan Smith-Gobat and I started this photo project back in 2013 and I am so stoked to see this story grace the pages of the Rock and Ice April 2016 issue.  Since we began shooting, other friends have joined in on the project.  So a big thank you to Anna Pfaff, Sam Feuerborn, Karl Schroder and Chris Righter for your help along the way!

And in case you missed it, here’s a little video piece I put together on the Escalante test piece ‘Frank Zappa Appreciation Society’ 5.13+ with Ben and Mayan.

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