From the Field

  1. Colors of Emotion - Rock and Ice Feature

    Date 30 Nov 2018
    This past year I was given the opportunity to team up with Chris Schulte, Ben Rueck, Jon Cardwell, Ethan Pringle and Delaney Miller to shoot a feature for Rock and Ice in one of the earliest developed sport climbing crags in the US: Penitente Canyon.  It was a fantastic experience…

  2. Monumental Heist - Sierra Magazine

    Date 30 Nov 2018
    I am honored to have been granted the cover of the @sierraclub ‘s @sierramagazine sept/oct issue.  So many of of us have a tremendous amount of respect for this magnificent desert landscape and it still saddens me to know that an important layer of protection has been removed.  I have…

  3. Belize - Beneath the Surface

    Date 05 Oct 2018
    When I was recently asked to do a travel shoot for Osprey Packs, I was pleasantly  surprised that there needed to be a dive element in the project.  I’ve been a certified diver for almost 2 decades, but I never brought a camera much more than a foot or two…

  4. Fresh From the Field

    Date 25 Jul 2017
    I had just touched down on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula  from Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.   For nearly 2-weeks I worked in intense SE Asian monsoons and 100% humidity only to be met with more soggy conditions in the PNW.  But to be perfectly honest, I love shooting in the rain. …

  5. Wild Owyhee Series - Episode 1 | Climbing

    Date 25 Apr 2017
    This is  the first of a 6-part series of short videos that Evan Kay James Q Martin and I shot on behalf of #OspreyPacks, #IbexClothing and #KeenFootwear this past September to raise awareness of one of the wildest/remote regions in the US: The Owyhee Canyonlands. Tucked away in southeastern Oregon…

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